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countdown: 2 days to hell

well since i am so free at home i might as well blog alil. looking forward to the 10th. its a big thing on my calendar yea queen fel.

so why am i home on a beautiful saturday, msning with yenny and bored enuff to post here? haha. well maybe cos my hols are ending and i really don want it to end.  the trip to aussie has kinda made me a lazy bum and all the good food i ate after i came back only resulted in 1 thing. sturggling to pass for my ippt this morning. gosh what good luck i have to pass my SBJ and eventually getting $100
for a morning's work.

the 2.4run was tougher than i tot.. maybe cos i was totally exhausted after the 4 stations... but wth at least now i can kiss ippt goodbye until er... next year.... shit... by then i would have gained another 10kg and added 2 more rims to my tummy.

i wanna go redang! anyone interested? yenny thinks i have been to redang but no i have not been there before everybody so u can sign up with hongyi and hongyi tour agency asap if u wanna go. for singles  u might even find yr special someone if u hang around more with me cos i am such a good merry matchmaker!

alright and since my dent frens are spying on my blog nowadays let me now address them appropriately.

i have been thinking abt  float all day.... (thats a lie) actually i have been thinking abt dance all day....  seriously raining men is not a bad song but we needa explore more options. haha enuff for work. i hate going back sch! and i really wonder if i am able to survive monday. not going to look any further as yet.... :(

times up, needa prepare for a match now. adios


haha cos i was solely talking to u on msn only k. how pathetically few friends i have!

May 2008

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