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Apr. 23rd, 2008

Dedicated to Justine

Now this is what i promised.
Everyone meet Justine - my friend from dentistry. that by the way is my vday gift to her.

Okay to do her justice, this is how she actually looks like. and yes that is my hand in there, in her hair once again :)

Name of subject: Justine Lim
Career: Dentist-to-be (probably at Q&M - her tuft)
Interests: Arguing, food, stealing food, thinking and trying to steal your food, daydream,mayday, jay chou
Height: 160cm?
Weight: Heavier than a buffalo
Special ability: Calling out for chieh while sneezing, breathing in all the oxygen around her friends

Call me if you are interested in her! alright just for laugh.

Happy reading my boring posts

Apr. 5th, 2008


hi all, i am posting again! oh hi sammie happy working, it will be over soon.

just back from a game at my cousin's damn glad to see arsenal draw hah. so yea today was my 2nd day at idem. i had to stand for abt 2 hrs for each of my 3 shifts, scanning hundreds of points-hungry dentists and nurses. u see, after u grad from a dent sch somewhere in the world, the law states that u have to continue to mug until u decide to give up yr license for something more beautiful, and to keep track of yr continual education, the powerful people in dentistry decided to come out with a points system (continual dental education). so u get 1 point for roughly 1 hr of lecture and u need a grand total of ~24 hrs/yr to renew yr license.

thus, everyone needs to clock abt 24hrs sitting in boring lectures listening to pokerfaced speakers talking abt teeth, teeth and more teeth. how boring is that seriously! so u cant really blame some of these dentists who are really hardup for points.  and u can easily tell them apart from the rests cos they usually come 1 hr after the lecture has started and enquired abt lunch/dinner/freebies first before anything else! at first it was kinda annoying but after sometime, i think i just got used to it.

on a side note, it was rather interesting talking to some of the fresh grads from the sch. they all gave that 'ooooo u still have a got damn long way to go' look when i told them i am in yr 1 now. damn sian.... however they also told me the good news that life after sch will be so so much better and i should keep that in mind and make sure i grad in time and forget abt the aces. haha

the highlight of the day was probably talking to the yr6 top student, dr sharon and wondered how she topped the class although she exclaimed she HATES dentistry! unbelievable... maybe thats why shes going into the maxillofacial surgery field where dentists work more like a medical doctor. hmmmm....

alright enuff talking abt IDAMN.... i mean IDEM. yea i just hope i wont become a points-hungry dentist and definitely not hate dentistry as much as dr sharon! better day tmr.

 Thanks all for the wishing me well for VIVA. it happened so fast and i had so little time to prepare for it. they released the list at 530pm the day before the test and we had to be in sch by 830 the next day. crazy rush! so i studied however much i could.
i hope i did alright but i am not expecting much from it. they really don just give away distinction that easily and surely not to some tom dick and harry like me.  i really just aim to pass in time and start earning my keep. so to me anything that comes along is a bonus.

Apr. 3rd, 2008

good week

This is a fruitful week. I got called up for VIVA, an oral examination for distinction for 1 of my papers :) really didnt expected that coming and esp not after i got my first ever mental block of my life  and freaked out the night b4 the paper. Hongyi was nv so stressed for anything like this prior to that but i guess i was lucky to have spotted some of the qns that came out. i am also thankful to my 2 of my classmates who helped me out that night.

i am going to be involved in IDEM (some stupid meeting for dentists at suntec) this weekends and actually i am regretting signing up as a volunteer already looking at the amount of time i have to commit to it. but oh well lets just get it over and done with! and then i will be so enjoying myself next week. hope everything goes well.

and i am organizing inter-year games for dentistry! my first time doing up an event for dental society apart from the rudimentary inter-faculty games of cos. check out the blog http://dentistrygames.wordpress.com. i really pray and hope that the participation level is good and my standard of good is very low. i just hope the other senior years will be able to send a team each!

mambo last night was quite nice with my classmates although alot others pangsehed last min :( but i guess i am slowly but surely growing out of the clubbing craze already. its just no longer as fun and no longer as anticipated already... so maybe its time to move on to something new but like what? i dono myself too. and i saw yongshen coincidentally outside zouk too. not that hes going to club. he was just walking home from liang court that crazy fellow. anyways he joined my friends and i for coffee just for awhile at the coffeeshop.

then after having just 4 hrs of sleep i got up early at 8plus to paste the IYG posters in sch. gosh my body must be cursing me for doing so much damage to it and not allowing it to rest. but work is work lar huh. and then i went to SMU for float meeting with the float comm people. the funny thing is i was wearing the t-shirt that says 'NUSSU' haha totally giving away my very 'secret' identity. it was the only decent shirt left in my emptied wardrobe but not that anyone in SMU cares i think.

alrighty enuff said for now. update u guys soon again.

Mar. 31st, 2008

life in sch!

       Introducing: My cosy lil corner in NUH where 'REDO' is a very very BAD word!

my classmates at a chinese new year function... ok just call it lunch haha

hi. guess whos back.

heh peeps, it was wonderful we get to meet up again tonight. i thought it was esp meaningful not just becos it was sammie's day but also because we still meet up so spontaneously and with such enthusiasm.

I am sorry i was able to be around much like the very interesting outing at sunshine plaza but i hope u all understand ok. life after exams have been great so far and i hope to spend more time meeting up and perhaps go out more often with u all. and lunch with fel real soon... i know u are bored in office haha.

btw, on a side note, i have realised the very reason why i was unable to read all yr posts was that i didnt log in! i just simply went to my own page and click on frens which didnt show much hahahaha. i am such a noob so embarrassing don tell anyone else yea.

i really deserved this hols cos i have nv mugged so hard in my life... haha u know me lar. looking forward to my family trip and definitely more free time to myself- even finding time to read newspapers has become somewhat of a luxury recently! but i am glad i made it thus far and am more prepared than ever to start my 2nd year of professional studies :) i used to be quite unsure abt this course. now i am 75% sure its the right course for me! so yea something to be happy abt i hope.

ok this was supposed to be a short post but now its getting abit too long and i am sleepy too. signing out now. keep in touch!


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