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May. 30th, 2008

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You dont win a battle by just stringing words together. You have to prove yourself.

An observation made from watching all the taiwanese news and their boom boom politics.

Go ma ying jiu!

May. 25th, 2008


thanks for the wonderful time in batam- the land of bbq corns. anyway met yenhan again today. didnt plan to really. and hope i don meet her again next week neither on msn or in person pls! i would like to think that i have a life.

but truth is... the lab lessons in sch are killing me. dentistry is killing hongyi. yes u hear it from me! and no i am not kidding u my frens. sam stop saying i am always lying and fel don scold me for whining abit ok. this is my blog btw. and i am really not kidding haha anyway i passed my (super duper ultra uber tough) amalgam competency test :):):) ...which means technically i am allowed to perform his form of  treatment in clinics next year! yea! so i am like 1/10 a dentist already lol. glad that i am on my way definitely, being lucky again :) i thank my grandfather and my father.

so now in labs we are moving on to bigger 'projects' like occlusion and tooth-coloured composite resins & GIC blah blah blah... hope i can sail thru all these too man.  get a degree and move on to have a quality life. haha just like what lee hsien loong wants a singaporean to do.

finished all the episodes of 'find me a singaporean'. respect for alot of the singaporeans featured in this show cos some of them really gave up their comfortable lives and jobs to do something very different. things which needs alot of sacrifice and work. things u normally just do when u needed more cip points for university admissions. things that they are so proud of. respect respect respect. and thankuuuuu yenny again for lending me her mobtv acc. haha

so when are we pals meeting up again huh? before people start leaving for beijing, sydney and europe! i m so excited for u guys! haha don laught at me now... but my 'exchange' to hongkong uni is like 6days long and we even have to pay for our own welcome dinner haha. is hongkong having some mega serious inflation or what?! hai but yea cheap accomodation should help save some money lar.

okay now my uncles and aunties have given me a lecture on you should always clear the customs early and not miss yr ferry/flight/ride whatever. haha i bet some of u also got it right? haha so next time no more bbq corns (esp rina) and when u see the corns at besar malam, remember the time we shared on the land of bbq corns - BATAM!

p.s. we should all learn how to speak some melayu!!!! empat kosong kosong kosong....

May. 4th, 2008

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May. 3rd, 2008

countdown: 2 days to hell

well since i am so free at home i might as well blog alil. looking forward to the 10th. its a big thing on my calendar yea queen fel.

so why am i home on a beautiful saturday, msning with yenny and bored enuff to post here? haha. well maybe cos my hols are ending and i really don want it to end.  the trip to aussie has kinda made me a lazy bum and all the good food i ate after i came back only resulted in 1 thing. sturggling to pass for my ippt this morning. gosh what good luck i have to pass my SBJ and eventually getting $100
for a morning's work.

the 2.4run was tougher than i tot.. maybe cos i was totally exhausted after the 4 stations... but wth at least now i can kiss ippt goodbye until er... next year.... shit... by then i would have gained another 10kg and added 2 more rims to my tummy.

i wanna go redang! anyone interested? yenny thinks i have been to redang but no i have not been there before everybody so u can sign up with hongyi and hongyi tour agency asap if u wanna go. for singles  u might even find yr special someone if u hang around more with me cos i am such a good merry matchmaker!

alright and since my dent frens are spying on my blog nowadays let me now address them appropriately.

i have been thinking abt  float all day.... (thats a lie) actually i have been thinking abt dance all day....  seriously raining men is not a bad song but we needa explore more options. haha enuff for work. i hate going back sch! and i really wonder if i am able to survive monday. not going to look any further as yet.... :(

times up, needa prepare for a match now. adios

Apr. 23rd, 2008

Oral sex (toothbrush)

Okay came across this on facebook.
sorry for being so crude but this is really funny! 

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